Production Line

ESPIOLE founded in 1996 is one of the leading companies in the sector.ESPIOLE produces textile fabrics with latest high technology jacguard machines.

The Yarn

Yarn; the actual source of the unique woven products of Nursultan Textile experiences an amazing adventure throughout the process. The miracles born by the yarn come to life once more in every woven fabric. Warping is the first phases of production. Prepared and transferred to warp beams to be woven in the looms.


All design collections are born in the skillful hands of the design team of ESPIOLE . After long searches, designs are created in different styles and colors followed by technical analysis and careful last revisions of the design team. Considering the cultural diversifications and demographic characteristics of every single market, ESPIOLE goes beyond the limits in design creation by means of its high technology and creativity.


Jacquard woven fabrics are the main production items of ESPIOLE Weaving Plant. Specialized in fabrics ESPIOLE can also weave heavy weight fabrics which pass through the quality control then packaging department in order to be shipped to our final esteem customers.